This example shows you how to:

Important: Consider using the new Query function, which offers more advanced functionality.


Run the example

  1. Run the PHP list-vendors.php file:

    php list-vendors.php
  2. Observe the terminal output.

    The number of vendor records found and each page remaining echo to the terminal:

    Page 1 success! Number of vendor records found: 14. Number remaining: 12
    Page 2 success! Records remaining: 10
    Page 3 success! Records remaining: 8
    Page 4 success! Records remaining: 6
    Successfully read 4 pages
  3. Open the generated logs/intacct.html file in your browser and review the entries.

    The file provides info and debug entries. The SDK provides a debug entry for each HTTP request/response (with the Sage Intacct endpoint).

    Note that the log file was created by the logger set in the client config.

Extra credit

Filter the results

  1. Set a Intacct\Functions\Common\Query\QueryInterface on the ReadByQuery object to filter the number of results. For example, add the following to the example to list only active vendors:

    $where = new EqualToString();

Try a different object

  1. Query for APBILL objects by changing the setObjectName call, as follows:

  2. Modify the $query->setFields() array to return the information you want.

What’s next?

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