This release went live on the evening of February 17, 2023.

Web services

Long decimal values in transactions will be rounded to two decimal places

Currency (amount) values with more than 2 decimal places will be rounded to 2 decimal places to prevent data issues. Best practice is for client applications to round long decimal numbers to 2 decimal places before sending them to Intacct.

Intacct rounds numbers ending in 5 away from zero. Positive numbers ending in 5 are rounded up, and negative numbers ending in 5 are rounded down. For example, 1.005 becomes 1.01, and -1.005 becomes -1.01.

General ledger

Option to include credit and debit totals in trial balance report

A debitcreditbalance option has been added to the get_trialbalance request to include debit and credit totals for account opening and closing balances. See Trial Balances for more information and example usage.


Create GL budget details automatically from project contracts

The 2023 R1 release introduces the ability to have project contract lines and line entries post to general ledger budgets, which automates the creation of budget details to track project contracts.

  • New budgets can be marked for the exclusive use of project contracts.
  • Project contracts can be configured to post to different budgets depending on the workflow type of project contract line entries, and to budget periods based on contract dates, line dates, or entry effective dates.
  • Budget details are automatically created and updated whenever contract changes are made.

For more information, see create and update requests for Project Contracts.

Include project contract ID and project contract line ID when creating or updating project change orders

You can now include PROJECTCONTRACTID and PROJECTCONTRACTLIINEID in the payload when creating or updating a Project Change Order, regardless of the state of the change order.

Create a project contract release retainage billing invoice against project contact lines

New retainage billing fields allow you to create a project contract release retainage billing invoice in order entry from project contract lines. You can indicate that a line is a retainage release, the amount to bill, and the remaining retainage balance. Additionally, all responses to read operations on project contracts and project contract lines include retainage information, and retainage fields can be used in queries.

For project contracts:

  • RETAINAGEBILLED (read only)
  • RETAINAGEBALANCE (read only)
  • RETAINAGEHELD (read only)
  • TOTALNETDUE (read only)

For project contract lines:

  • RETAINAGETOBILL (read only)
  • RETAINAGEBALANCE (read only)

See the Create Order Entry Transaction and Update Order Entry Transaction requests for additional information.

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