List Trial Balances (Legacy)


List trial balances for a reporting period

    <reportingperiodname>Calendar Year Ended December 2016</reportingperiodname>

List trial balances for a date range



Name Required Type Description
reportingperiodname Optional string Reporting period name. Required if not using startdate and enddate.
startdate Optional object Opening balance date. Required if not using reportingperiodname.
enddate Optional object Closing balance date. Required if not using reportingperiodname.
showzerobalances Optional boolean Show zero balance accounts. Use true or false. (Default: false)
showdeptdetail Optional boolean Expand department detail. Use true or false. (Default: false)
showlocdetail Optional boolean Expand location detail. Use true or false. (Default: false)
reportingbook Optional string Reporting book ID.
adjbooks Optional adjbook[0...n] Adjustment book ID’s.
includereportingbook Optional boolean Combine reporting book with other books.
statistical Optional string Statistical accounts. Use either include, exclude, or only. (Default: include)
departmentid Optional string Department ID or department group ID.
dept_subs Optional boolean Include department subs. (Default: true)
locationid Optional string Location ID or location group ID.
loc_subs Optional boolean Include location subs. (Default: true)
projectid Optional string Project ID or project group ID.
projectid_subs Optional boolean Include project subs. (Default: true)
projecttypeid Optional string Project type. Do not use if Project ID is set.
customerid Optional string Customer ID or customer group ID.
customerid_subs Optional boolean Include customer subs. (Default: true)
customertypeid Optional string Customer type. Do not use if Customer ID is set.
vendorid Optional string Vendor ID or vendor group ID.
vendorid_subs Optional boolean Include vendor subs. (Default: true)
vendortypeid Optional string Vendor type. Do not use if Vendor ID is set.
employeeid Optional string Employee ID or employee group ID.
employeeid_subs Optional boolean Include employee subs. (Default: true)
employeetypeid Optional string Employee type. Do not use if Employee ID is set.
itemid Optional string Item ID or item group ID.
productlineid Optional string Product line. Do not use if Item ID is set.
classid Optional string Class ID or class group ID.
classid_subs Optional boolean Include class subs. (Default: true)
contractid Optional string Contract ID or contract group ID.
contractid_subs Optional boolean Include contract subs. (Default: true)
warehouseid Optional string Warehouse ID or warehouse group ID.
warehouseid_subs Optional boolean Include warehouse subs. (Default: true)
userDefinedDimensions Optional userDefinedDimension[0...n] User defined dimension filters.


Name Required Type Description
objectName Required string UDD object integration name.
recordId Optional string UDD record ID. Do not use if Record name is set.
recordName Optional string UDD record name. Do not use if Record ID set. If UDD name is not unique, must use record ID instead.

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