This release is scheduled to go live on the evening of May 17, 2019 Pacific Time.

Web Services

API session management enhancements

You can now initiate a new top-level session from an entity-level session using an existing session ID. To do this, call getAPISession with an empty locationid parameter:

      <function controlid="testControlId">

You should always isolate getAPISession in a single request—do not mix getAPISession with other functions.

API session timeout information now available

The response for each API call now includes the projected session timeout in the authentication element:


The session timeout is calculated based on the session duration specified for the user or company plus the current time. A timeout occurs if the session timeout is reached before any subsequent API calls are made. If a call occurs before the projected timeout, it is reset to the current time plus the session duration.

Customization Services

Queue and job history for Smart Events

You can now monitor the Smart Event jobs queued in your company and view a history of completed jobs in the UI. For more information, see Smart Event Jobs in the Sage Intacct product help).

Platform Services

Content security policy for generic menu pages

Generic menu pages now use content security policy directives from the owning platform application.

General Ledger

Recurring account allocations

You can set up recurring account allocations to automatically distribute amounts across multiple dimensions according to a schedule you define.

For more information:

Data Delivery Service

DDS provides filtering for GL account balances

You can now specify the reporting periods for which GL account balances are calculated and delivered to cloud storage. Previously, it was all or nothing.

See additional_parameters for the runDdsJobs function.


Contract Types

Contract types let you group contracts in meaningful ways to provide additional insight into your business.

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