Updates for the 2017-R4 release are available.

Creating contract invoices

You can now use the API to create invoices for any contracts with billable transactions. You can use filters to preview a set of potential invoices, then execute an invoice run based on that preview.

Depending on how many invoices you have, you can choose to create them online or offline.

For more information:

Ship to contact on sales transaction line items

To accurately calculate sales tax, you might need to use the tax rate associated with the address where the customer will take possession of the products or services. You can now provide different contact names at the sales transaction line level to override the ship to contact name on the transaction itself.

For more information, see the shipto parameter on:

  • sotransitem for the create function in order entry
  • updatesotransitem and sotransitem for the update function in order entry
  • recursotransitem for the create function in recurring order entry

API documentation for legacy functions

This release provides additional documentation for legacy functions—the majority of these functions are now documented.

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