entity relationship diagram for the general ledger


  1. Financial reports generated from the GL will use either GLENTRY or GLACCOUNTBALANCE, but not both. GLACCOUNTBALANCE is an object that pre-computes summary data from GLENTRY and links to a company’s reporting periods (REPORTINGPERIOD). Importantly, GLACCOUNTBALANCE rolls up For Period, Opening Balance, and Ending Balance, simplifying calculations for financial reports.
  2. Multi-book companies must carefully filter on either GLJOURNAL.BOOKID or GLACCOUNTBALANCE.BOOKID to get appropriate balances.
  3. Each company’s data model will differ based on the standard and user defined dimensions (UDD) enabled. By default, the GLENTRY and GLACCOUNTBALANCE objects will include foreign keys to DEPARTMENT and LOCATION, but may also include foreign keys to CUSTOMER, VENDOR, EMPLOYEE, PROJECT, CLASS, ITEM, CONTRACT, and WAREHOUSE in addition to any UDDs. UDDs are included in the Custom Objects list on the DDS Jobs screens.