Sage Intacct exposes a set of API functions for interacting with the Data Delivery Service (DDS) programmatically. The DDS methods work in conjunction with the DDSJOB object. Note that before you run a DDS job, you must have a cloud storage target defined in the Sage Intacct system.

Because DDS is designed to work on very large datasets, DDS jobs run asynchronously.

To initiate a DDS job, invoke the runDdsJob method. This method creates a DDS job record and submits it to the Sage Intacct Message Queue. After successfully inserting the job in the queue, runDdsJob returns the newly created DDSJOB record. This record will have a RECORDNO field, which is the key to the record.

Following is a basic sequence diagram for running a DDS job.

The DDS Manager regularly polls the queue for new jobs and processes the jobs. DDS does not actively communicate job status. To get the DDS job status, the client should use the read method on the DDSJOB job object and pass the RECORDNO returned by runDdsJob.

When the job is complete, the DDSJOB record will contain a list of CSV files published to the Cloud Storage target.

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