This release went live on the evening of November 12, 2021.

Accounts Receivable

Create AR advances without first creating summaries

The new ARADVANCE object allows you to record advances from customers before creating invoices, such as if a customer pays a deposit or retainer. In addition, a company’s Accounts Receivable configuration can be set to post advances to automatically create payment summaries (daily, or monthly, or one per advance) or to existing summaries (which maintains pre-R4 workflows).

AR Advances can have multiple line items so that an advance can be applied to multiple locations, departments, or projects, etc., as needed.

Once an invoice is created, advances can be applied to the invoice with an ARPYMT request.

The new ARADVANCE object should be used to create advances instead of the legacy ARPAYMENT object.

For more information, see the AR Advances documentation:

Accounts Payable

Electronic payment service (Early Adopter program)

Create a provider bank account for rebates

When creating or updating a provider bank account, you can now specify that the account is for rebates.

See the ISREBATEACCOUNT parameter on the following functions:

Vendors now own their electronic payment provider information

When creating or updating vendors, you can use the new PROVIDERVENDOR parameter to include information to link to one or more electronic payment providers.

For details, see thePROVIDERVENDORS parameter on the following:

The existing functions that operate directly on the PROVIDERVENDOR object remain unchanged.

Payment provider bank account information for checking accounts

You now get information about the payment provider bank account when getting a checking account.

Note: Talk to your account manager to learn if your company is eligible to participate as an early adopter. Electronic payments requires a subscription to Outbound Payment Services. Currently, Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) is the only supported provider.

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