The Sage Intacct SDK for PHP version 2.2.0 provides a new query approach with significant advantages over the legacy approach.

Updated SDK

In 2020 Release 1, Sage Intacct released a new XML query function that supports more robust, complex query statements than the legacy readByQuery function. The new query provides more operators, lets you sort results, perform aggregate operations such as sum or average, and use a larger page size limit. Perhaps the most interesting new capability is that you can get the values for fields on related objects and/or use them in filters.

The Sage Intacct SDK for PHP has been updated to include this new query capability. The classes for the new query are organized under Functions/Common/NewQuery:

New query classes

Note: The new query does not currently support custom objects.

New example

A new example for the SDK shows you how to use the new query and take advantage of its powerful features:

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