This release is scheduled to go live on the evening of February 9, 2018 Pacific Time.

Get information about user restrictions

A new, read-only object called USERRESTRICTION allows admins to access information about which users are restricted to given entities or departments.

For more information:

Smart Events and Smart Rules

In previous releases, the body length of Smart Event API actions was limited to 500 characters or less. This has been increased to 5000 characters.

In addition, new IN and NOTIN operators for Smart Event and Smart Rule conditions are available. For example, the following condition checks whether the currency for an AP Bill is specified in USD or INR:


For more, see the information about writing conditions in the Sage Intacct product help.


Version 2 of the Sage Intacct SDK for .NET is now available. The SDK now targets .NET Standard 1.6 in order to support both .NET Framework and .NET Core. Make sure you check out the updated overview and guides that accompany this.


Support for bill in advance

The API now supports bill-in-advance for contracts. You can set bill-in-advance options for specific customers, then optionally override those settings in your contracts. You can also set the options directly for each contract.

For more information, see the ADVBILLBY and ADVBILLBYTYPE parameters on:

Behavior change when posting multiple revenue and/or expense schedule entries

When posting multiple revenue or expense schedule entries, Sage Intacct will now skip any contract with scheduled entries that have errors, then post all other scheduled entries. Previously, when the system encountered an error during post, the process would terminate without posting any of the requested scheduled entries.

Force the Renewal of Contracts

You can now force the renewal of a contract that failed to renew at the scheduled time. For example, this can be useful if you uploaded multiple contracts as part of an integration and want to avoid manually renewing them in the Sage Intacct UI.

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