This release is scheduled to go live on the evening of November 10, 2017 Pacific Time.

Approvals for Purchasing

This release provides new functions to support approvals for purchasing. You can list all purchasing transactions that are ready for your approval, then approve or decline them as needed. You can also get the approval history for a given purchasing transaction.

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Posting contract expense and contract revenue schedules/entries

With this release, you can post all contract expense schedule entries or contract revenue schedule entries for a given customer (across contracts) or for a given contract. You can also post individual entries according to their record numbers.

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Hold and resume contract lines and expenses

You can now place contract lines and contract expenses on hold, then resume them when ready.

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Ship to contact on contract lines

To accurately calculate sales tax, you might need to use the tax rate associated with the address where the customer will take possession of the products or services. With this release, you can provide different contact names at the contract line level to override the ship to contact name on the contract itself.

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  • SHIPTOCONTACTNAME parameter on the create and update functions for Contract Lines

Warehouse transfer enhancements

You can now transfer inventory from a warehouse in one entity to a warehouse in a different entity with a different base currency.

For more information, see the EXCH_RATE_TYPE_ID, EXCH_RATE_DATE, and EXCHANGE_RATE parameters for the following:

Convert by line for Inventory Control and Order Entry transactions

You can now specify the source line of an existing transaction from which to convert. Specifically, sourcelinekey was added to:

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