Custom list views let you display list items the way you need to see them by applying filters and sorting.

For example, the vendor object definition has an All Vendors view with an original ID that uniquely identifies the view in your company. You can use readView to list a subset of the vendors in that view based on your filtering.

List View Records

Filters an existing vendor view to list vendors where the total due is greater than 30,000 and the credit limit is less than 25,000.


            <operator>greater than</operator>
            <operator>less than</operator>


Name Required Type Description
view Required string Object and original ID for an existing view in the format object#originalId, for example, VENDOR#135422@10051. A view is assigned an original ID at creation time and this ID never changes. To find the original ID of a view, go to Platform Services > Objects, click on the object you want, and go to the Views section where the Original IDs are listed.
pagesize Optional integer Custom page size between 1 and 1000 items (Default: 100)
filters Optional string Accepts a filter condition such as AND or OR, and individual filter expressions based on field values. The individual expressions include a field name, and operator, and a value. For help building expressions, see list views in the Sage Intacct product help.

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