A custom application is an XML wrapper around a group of objects, menus, and portals that work together to fulfill a function.

Install Application

As you build and deploy Platform Services applications on client companies, the need to programmatically install updates eventually arises. Installing or updating an application involves first publishing the application from the Sage Intacct UI to create the XML definition, then using installApp to post that definition to the target company.

Applications with user-defined dimensions require authorization from a designated administrator before they can be installed. If you run installApp on such an application, a request for authorization will be added in the Requests for authorization section under Platform Services > Applications in the UI. Alternatively, you can generate an email request for authorization by running the installation from Platform Services > Applications > Install From XML.


        <![CDATA[<application id="10032" origId="100227@10006" orderNo="16" isSystem="F" version="1" companyNo="34466622" ></application>]]>


Name Required Type Description
appxml Required CDATA The published application XML must be placed inside of a CDATA tag.

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