Expense summaries are collections of the same type of transactions, grouped together for processing.

List Expense Report Summaries (Legacy)


<get_list object="expensereportbatch" maxitems="10">


Name Required Type Description
object Required string attribute Use expensereportbatch
maxitems Optional integer attribute Maximum number of items to return.
start Optional integer attribute First item from total result set to include in response, zero-based integer.
showprivate Optional boolean attribute Show entity private records if running this at top level. Use either true or false. (Default: false)
fields Optional array of field List of fields to return in response.
filter Optional object Limits the objects to return based on their field values.
sorts Optional array of sortfield Sets the order of results based on the values of specified fields.


Name Required Type Description
expression Optional object A single filter expression made up of a field name, an operator, and a value. Required if not using logical.
logical Optional object Multiple filter expressions that should be evaluated with and or or. Logical filters can be nested to create complex and/or logic. Required if not using expression.


Name Required Type Description
logical_operator Required string attribute Operator. Use either and or or.
expression or logical Required logical or array of expression Expressions to be evaluated as filters, and optionally additional logical evaluations.


Name Required Type Description
field Required string Name of the field to be compared.
operator Required string Comparison operator. Valid operators are
  • =
  • !=
  • <
  • <=
  • >
  • >=
  • like
  • is null
value Required string Comparison value.


Name Required Type Description
order (attribute) Required string Sort order for this named field. Use either asc or desc.

Create Expense Report Summary (Legacy)


    <batchtitle>Expense Reports for 2017 Week 03</batchtitle>


Name Required Type Description
batchtitle Required string Expense report summary title
datecreated Required object GL posting date


Name Required Type Description
year Required string Year yyyy
month Required string Month mm
day Required string Day dd

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