Expense summaries are collections of the same type of transactions, grouped together for processing.

List Expense Report Summaries (Legacy)


<get_list object="expensereportbatch" maxitems="10">


Name Required Type Description
object Required string Use expensereportbatch
start Optional integer Start at item, zero-based integer
maxitems Optional integer Max items to return
showprivate Optional boolean Show entity private records if running this at top level. Use either true or false. (Default: false)
filter Optional object Filter(s) to use in list
sorts Optional sortfield[] Field(s) to sort by in response
fields Optional field[] Field(s) to return in response


Name Required Type Description
logical Optional object Logical filter. Required if not using expression.
expression Optional object Expression filter. Required if not using logical.


Name Required Type Description
logical_operator Required string Operator. Use either and or or.
object Optional string Object of operator
Logical Filter/Expression Required (logical | expression)[1...n] Additional logical objects or expressions to filter by


Name Required Type Description
field Required string Field
operator Required string Operator
value Required string Value. Use either =, !=, <, <=, >=, >, like or is null.


Name Required Type Description
order Required string Sort by order. Use either asc or desc.

Create Expense Report Summary (Legacy)


    <batchtitle>Expense Reports for 2017 Week 03</batchtitle>


Name Required Type Description
batchtitle Required string Expense report summary title
datecreated Required object GL posting date


Name Required Type Description
year Required string Year yyyy
month Required string Month mm
day Required string Day dd

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