Subscriptions are the financial management applications offered by Sage Intacct.

List Subscriptions





The above function returns data structured like this:


List Subscription Preferences


Lists preferences for the General Ledger application:

<get_companyprefs application="GL"/>

The above function returns data structured like this:


Lists preferences for general accounting information for the company:

<get_companyprefs application="GEN"/>

The above function returns data structured like this:



Name Required Type Description
application Required string Subscription to list preferences for. Use GEN for General Company Info, ME for Multi-Entity, GL for General Ledger, CM for Cash Management, AP for Accounts Payable, AR for Accounts Receivable, EE for Employee Expenses, PO for Purchasing, SO for Order Entry, INV for Inventory Control, PA for Projects, CS for Global Consolidations.


When supplying GEN to return company information, the response includes the following data:

Name Description
PRIMARY_ACCTNO_LENGTH Length of the primary account number.
ACCTNO_SEPARATOR Separator for the account number.
SUBACCTNO_LENGTH Length of the sub account number.
FISCAL_FIRST_MONTH First fiscal month. 1 for January.
FISCAL_FIRST_MONTH_TAX First fiscal tax month. 1 for January.
WEEK_START Day of the week. 1 for Sunday.
CUSTOM_ACCOUNTING_PERIODS Specifies whether custom accounting periods are enabled.
PACKAGE_TYPE Ignore this value.

Note: Be aware that FISCAL_FIRST_MONTH, FISCAL_FIRST_MONTH_TAX, and WEEK_START for the company can be overridden at the entity level.

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