AR aging refers to how many days it took customers to pay you or how many days past due their payments are.

List Accounts Receivable Aging

Detailed AR aging information can be obtained by creating a custom report on the Customer AR Aging object. From the API, you would then run the custom report.

List Accounts Receivable Aging (Legacy)


Get an aging report for several aging periods:


Specify a date from which to report aging based on invoice due dates:



Name Required Type Description
agingperiods Optional string Aging period. Use a comma-separated list of aging periods that do not overlap. The default is 0-30,31-60,61-90,91-120,121-.
customerid Optional string Customer ID
invoiceno Optional string Invoice number
locationid Optional string LOCATIONID of an active location. Required if company is multi-entity enabled.
departmentid Optional string Department ID
asofdate Optional object Date on which to calculate aging information (Default: today’s date)
useduedate Optional boolean Use true to generate aging information based on the invoice due date or false to use the invoice creation date (Default: false)
showdetails Optional boolean Use true to include details in the output (Default: false)
useglpostdate Optional boolean Use true to generate aging information based on the GL posting date
showzerowithactivity Optional boolean Use true to include customers with a zero balance in the output


Name Required Type Description
year Required string Year yyyy
month Required string Month mm
day Required string Day dd

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